BGA vzw

Welcome to the home of BGA vzw.

BGA vzw is a non-profit organisation founded initially in 2016 to provide the legal framework to organise the GeoCoinFest Europe 2017 in Aarschot (Belgium). When the management team evaluated what to do with BGA after this mega event with over 1400 attendees, they realised they could give shape to many more ideas to promote geocoins as a creative and enjoyable way to enhance the experience of the geocaching game.

Being a non-profit organisation, some of these ideas focused on supporting people with disabilities playing the geocaching game. This project should start early 2020, to join the celebration of 20 years of geocaching.

Another project that will start in 2019 focuses to reach a more widely spread public while supporting a charity project known in Belgium as “Stop Colon Cancer“.

But obviously we aim to support active and wannabe geocoin addicts with the production of their Personal Geocoin with our project that started in 2018 when we created a common back side mold.

We are proud to contribute with our creative ideas and financial support to both several charity projects and obviously our geocoin addicts community.

The Management Team,
Luc De Haes (President),
Tom Verdonck (Vice-President and General Manager),
Youry De Winter (Secretary),